Excerpts of published and forthcoming works

The Big Wheel is a collection of short stories about addiction, to be published in January 2020. As well as focusing upon the devestating damages of severe addictions such as gambling or alcohol and other drugs, the collection touches upon the idea that perhaps we are all addicts in some ways.

Scotched is about Jim O’Brien, respected businessman, family man, alcoholic and gambling addict. Set in the fictional town of Courloch somewhere in Scotland’s Central Belt, the novel focuses on Jim’s disintegration within contexts of crime, corruption and global corporatism. While telling a straightforward story, the novel is textured with parody, satire about Scottish myths, dark humour and sometimes outright surrealism. It’s got some great, thoughtful reviews. Some people, though, have told me that they couldn’t finish it because it was so dark and painful. Anyway, sign up for this site because I regularly offer the Kindle version for free, and will announce each occasion in a post. Here’s the beginning of the story.