Welcome to my author blog. Here you’ll find news about published and forthcoming works. Also some general articles about writing and reading.

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My author name is Ade Johnston, part of my full name Adrian Johnston Bailey. I’ll be using that full name in some future publications.

The site is also home to essays, bits and pieces, ramblings and musings on a variety of themes. Like each of us in life, the blog and all my writings are works in progress,.

Big news at the moment is the release of my collection of short stories, The Big Wheel. These are pretty intense tales about addiction, mainly concentrating on individuals. There are certain themes running across the stories such as social class and inequality. Although dealing with the most deadly addictions to things like gambling and alcohol and other hard drugs, the question is also implied: are we all addicts in some way? Is addiction not something ‘out there’ but interwoven with all our lives.

I’ll be writing some essays soon about mental health and addiction. Removed from their medical contexts, I believe that a broader conception of addiction and human psychological misery provides me with the materials for writing. In fact, I can’t think of a single artist who doesn’t touch upon these concepts. When you come to think about it, all our psychological wheels turn around suffering, joy, pleasure, pain and relationships – the stuff of all novels. ‘Addiction’ used broadly is that attachment, guarded fiercely, to our sense of identity. This is everything from anger to self-righteousness, chemical dependence to constant distraction, digital devices to that feeling we’ve all had of being on a hamster wheel – going round and round but not getting anywhere.

Give the stories a go at £3.99 for the paperback, £0.99 for Kindle: https://amzn.to/3582amV